IU President McRobbie stops by "Mission Control" on IU Day

Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie made a visit to "Mission Control" at the IU Foundation on IU Day.

IU Day, 24 hours during which IU faculty, staff, alumni, students and friends of IU from around the world come together to express their IU spirit, was April 10. Throughout the day IU Foundation staff monitored the celebration on social media from "Mission Control," and McRobbie took a moment to thank them for their excellent work.  

IU President McRobbie talks with people seated around a long table
IU President McRobbie and people seated around a long table look up
IU President McRobbie talking

Indiana University Foundation staff members talk with IU President Michael A. McRobbie and MaryEllen Bishop, member of the IU Board of Trustees; McRobbie asks a question, and the staff members and McRobbie watch IU Day results.  Photos by James Brosher, Indiana University

On IU Day 2019, the celebration reached more than 8 million people. In 85 countries people got into the IU Day spirit, the #IUDay hashtag was used 9,085 times on Twitter and it trended nationally, and the generosity in support of IU was outstanding with more than 3,800 gifts given to IU on the day.

Alumni joined in to the worldwide celebration with festivities held on six continents with 49 different alumni chapters and 2,000 attendees.

"Thank you most sincerely for joining us in celebrating IU Day 2019," McRobbie said. "As Indiana University prepares to enter its Bicentennial year, we are especially grateful for the generous support of our alumni, friends and supporters."