Annual O'Meara Lecture series highlights IU's international and local engagement

Indiana University recently welcomed David Carden, IU alumnus and first resident U.S. ambassador to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), to speak for the annual Patrick O'Meara Lecture series.

Carden was a fitting guest to speak given the recent opening of IU's newest international office, the IU ASEAN Gateway office in central Bangkok.

"Southeast Asia is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic regions of the world, and a region of economic and geopolitical importance that continues to grow," said IU President Michael A. McRobbie during the event.

Patrick O'Meara stands in front of a room full of seated people
IU President McRobbie speaks from a podium
Hannah Buxbaum speaks from a podium

From the top: Patrick O'Meara, IU's first vice president for international affairs, speaks to a crowd that filled President's Hall; IU President Michael A. McRobbie introduces O'Meara; and Hannah Buxbaum, IU vice president for international affairs, shares remarks. Photos by Chaz Mottinger, Indiana University

In addition to the opening of a new global gateway, IU also has more than 70 years of partnership in Thailand and students from Southeast Asia continue to study at IU, including more than 400 current students from the ASEAN member nations. IU has also recently established the Southeast Asian and ASEAN Studies Program in IU’s Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, which has increased research and teaching capacity in the region.

In the speech, "Managing Today's Borderless Challenges: Learning from ASEAN," Carden discussed IU's engagement abroad and at home within local communities through the Center for Rural Engagement, noting the university continues efforts to find solutions to the critical problems faced by people around the world and in Indiana.

David Carden speaks from a podium
David Carden stands at the front of the room while talking to a member of the audience
One person speaks into a microphone and another lines up behind her to speak next

From the top: David Carden, IU alumnus and first resident U.S. ambassador to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, presented eighth annual O'Meara lecture; Carden answered questions from the audience; and a member of the audience talks with Carden at the event.  Photos by Chaz Mottinger, Indiana University

The series was established in 2011 in honor of IU's first vice president for international affairs Patrick O'Meara, who also attended and shared remarks during this year's event.

"Over the course of his long and truly distinguished career at Indiana University, Patrick worked tirelessly and effectively to support the university’s mission of global engagement," McRobbie said before introducing O'Meara. "And this lecture series, in which distinguished speakers address critical topics in international affairs, is an appropriate tribute to his legacy."

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