Indiana University dedicates home for J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program

In Columbus, Indiana, Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie presided over a dedication ceremony that celebrated a new, fitting home for IU's J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program in the heart of an architecturally rich city.

The Republic Building, one of seven Columbus buildings to have been named as a National Historic Landmark, is a glass-and-steel building designed by prominent architect Myron Goldsmith.

IU's first class of graduate students in the new master's program offered by IU's School of Art, Architecture + Design began studying in the historic building this fall.

"With the acquisition and re-purposing of the Republic Building, IU and its School of Art, Architecture + Design are using in the most appropriate possible way a great and elegant building that itself exemplifies excellence in design, to build a superb laboratory in the heart of Columbus," McRobbie said. "This architectural treasure will enable the school's students to acquire the knowledge and skills they will need to become civic-minded, innovative, and imaginative architects and designers."

IU student Jacob Bower-Bir speaks into a microphone
IU President McRobbie holds up the ceremonial key for the Republic Building
Exterior of the glass-and-steel Republic Building

From the top: Architecture student Jacob Bower-Bir speaks at the dedication ceremony, exterior of the Republic Building, IU President Michael A. McRobbie holds up the ceremonial key from the event.

Members of the IU Board of Trustees along with other leaders from IU and the City of Columbus as well as faculty, staff, students and community members took part in the event that emphasized the partnership between IU and Columbus.

"Here in the heart of Columbus, Indiana, future architects will dream, imagine, and—inspired by the great architecture of this city—they will explore the human condition in ways that will benefit all of us," McRobbie said. "We look forward to watching all of this unfold through the glass walls of this historic building.

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