Professional Background: President of Indiana University (2003–07); chancellor, State University System of Florida (1998–2001); president, University of North Florida (1989–98); White House fellow and special assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare (1974–77)

In his inaugural address, IU’s 17th president noted that “the opportunity before us is to shape and lay the stones that will serve as the foundation for expansions and additions, new spires and buttresses of this magnificent cathedral of learning.” He did so by overseeing transformative initiatives in teaching, research, and public engagement.

Under his direction, the faculty instituted a general education curriculum, and brought more than $1.7 billion to Indiana in research grants and contracts. He oversaw the development of the Indiana Life Sciences Initiative, designed to establish IU as one of the nation’s leading centers of life sciences research and Indiana as a leader in the life sciences industry. He helped each of IU’s eight campuses become more market smart and mission centered by launching the Mission Differentiation initiative and enhanced IU’s relationships with Indiana's community colleges. He undertook the university’s first major administrative restructuring in 30 years, expanded IU’s physical infrastructure through the construction or renovation of more than 3,000,000 square feet of university facilities, and significantly strengthened the university’s athletics programs.

Throughout his presidency, Adam Herbert placed special emphasis on fundraising, particularly in the area of student financial aid. He also enthusiastically promoted diversity in IU’s faculty, staff, and student body, challenging each IU campus to develop concrete diversity goals.